Ali Smith - Jaguar Path - Yoga & Shamanism - Lakeland, FL

Shedding the Past

Through my own experience I offer a variety of tools and techniques that assist in releasing what holds us back and keeps us from freedom. We get stuck in old patterns, imprints, and past traumas. If we become willing to require more from ourselves in being an active participant in our healing, our behavior changes, we choose differently, and our experiences then also shift. We must shed the expired skin and dismantle old programs.

Ali Smith - Jaguar Path - Yoga & Shamanism - Lakeland, FL

Embody Power

Stepping fully into your power comes from transcending the pain and suffering to a frequency of POWER. What is your personal recipe for the transformation? What ingredients do you need to become the empowerd authentic being you came here to be? When we get the inner circuitry connected and tune ourselves properly with congruent intelligence that supports our soul message….we very naturally generate radiance and POWER.

Ali Smith - Jaguar Path - Yoga & Shamanism - Lakeland, FL


Ascension takes place with spiritual maturity. To be able to maintain ascension of higher perspective takes practice. This practice will spill into your life and organically become a prayerful presence in your purpose. In this place we carry knowledge and wisdom, not the pain and suffering.


Our group of students quickly become a tribe and allies in a sacred space infused with
appreciation, love, humor, openness and courage. Join us for your next session and reserve your spot with Ali Smith today!