Ali Smith

Shaman Ali Smith has worked as both student and teacher of energy medicine for over 25 years. Her experience as a healer has catered to the body-mind-spirit connection and overall needs specific to each individual. Her medicine bundle offers a wide variety of techniques for healing.

Shaman Smith leads workshops all over the United States and journeys to Peru to study with the Shamans and becomes a bridge for others to do the same. A second diagnosis of cancer invited her to develop a deeper relationship with the lineages there and initiated her as a Mesa Carrier/Third Rite Earth Keeper. Ali is passionate about sharing this power and assisting others to develop their own bond with the medicine that WE ALL CARRY.

She directs a School of Shamanism and a School of Yoga in Central Florida. Ali offers private and group sessions and leads online mentoring opportunities.

Her mission is to teach and expand these medicine tools/technologies in the awakening to remember who we are. Then to sustain the assending in REMEMBERING WHO WE ARE TO EACH OTHER. Ali speaks: “You are the rattle! You are the drum! You are the feather wand! You are the mist sacred object on the alter….you are the alter. Find you medicine song and SING IT!”


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Our group of students quickly become a tribe and allies in a sacred space infused with
appreciation, love, humor, openness and courage. Join us for your next session and reserve your spot with Ali Smith today!